4/2022Astronomer Certification for Apache Airflow FundamentalscertAstronomer
3/2022Introduction to Kubeflow: PipelinescertArrikto
1/2022Pulsar API Essentials - PythoncertStreamNative
1/2022Apache Pulsar FundamentalscertStreamNative
1/2022Introduction to Kubeflow: NotebookscertArrikto
1/2022Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git SpecializationcertCoursera
12/2021Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine SpecializationcertCoursera
12/2021Introduction to Kubeflow: FundamentalscertArrikto
12/2021Introduction to Machine Learning in ProductioncertCoursera
10/2020AWS Fundamentals SpecializationcertCoursera
4/2020Programming Foundations: Web SecuritycertLinkedIn Learning
2/2020Applied Text Mining in PythoncertCoursera
2/2020Sequences, Time Series and PredictioncertCoursera
3/2019Oπe\n conferencecertAthens, Greece
12/2017Spark and Python for Big Data with PySparkcertUdemy
11/20172th DevOps Conference 2017certAthens, Greece
11/20170th Conference of Free & Open Source Software CommunitiesAthens, Greece
4/2017Solr 101certCognitive Class
5/20114th Conference of Free & Open Source Software CommunitiesPatras, Greece